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Testimonials: G Holley

CONCORD - Salt Street
Dear Tony

Thank you very much for all of your hard work and attention to detail, which lead to the successful sale of my mother's property.

I told Mum at the time, I chose you because you were a decent human being among a gallery of rogues. I know you to be a man of integrity and so it proved.

My assessment fell short by a long way. You and your team at Bay West proved to be everything we could have hoped for, you went the extra yard in every aspect of the sale.

The presentation, advertising campaign and weekly updates to all of the family were first class. You kept us in the loop at all times and provided key advice during some of the trickier aspects.

My family were so taken with you and the team they have recommended your services to a life-long friend who is keen to engage your property management skills.

The number of registered bidders at the auction was astonishing, as was the sale price.

A special thanks to Emile, who proved to be a valuable backup. His easy communication style and long working hours made the job so much easier.

Thanks mate.

G Holley
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